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7thprojects's Journal

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This is a community devoted to the people that run either the The Seventh Circle, or any side projects of the site. This is for the staff, of each element, to converse and provide feedback & suggestions to others involved.

If you would like to join, than you can join the community like any other. You will then have to be approved by birdinflight, who will then approve it, if it checks out.

A few guidelines for those that are currently members. Please include as the subject header of any post that you do the subject that it is pertaining to. This will make it easier on other members of the community that may only want involvement in one part of things.

For example:

Music - press releases, reviews, interviews, features of music artists
Movies - press releases, reviews, interviews, features of films or the crew invovled
Literature - press releases, reviews, interviews, or original fiction
Poetry - press releases, reviews, interviews, or original poetry
Fashion - press releases, reviews, interviews, or model spotlights
Art - press releases, spotlights of various art forms (i.e. visual, photography, etc..)
Theater - press releases, reviews, interviews of theatrical productions or the crew involved
Design - specifically surrounding web design/graphics within the site
Scene - dealing with the "goth" scene supersite
Promotion - wanting to suggest or detail current or future promotion activities
General - if it doesn't fit into any of the above categories

All posts will be moderated by staff members. This is not to censor, but to make sure that we don't kill people's friends pages with easily dealt with concerns.

Those that aren't members of the staff can join, but will not be given posting access. They can however comment and make suggestions if they feel the need. Musicians, artists, publicists, writers, etc.. can also join but if they would like to request a review must first comment within a relevant entry (like if you're a musician you would comment in one that has a header "music") asking to be reviewed. Than one of the staff will make a post, or get in direct contact.