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Unless stated otherwise, if I post a press's because the Seventh Circle has been offered an interview with the artist that is talked about within it. There will definitely be some artists that I don't know, so I figure I'll post all of the releases I get from here on in.

I think we all know who the band in this release is though ;)


New CD Slated For June 22nd Release On Sanctuary Records

Originators of industrial rock Ministry return with Houses of the Molé, a brand new studio album set for a June 22nd release on Sanctuary Records. The follow-up to 2003’s Animositisomina promises to expand upon the Ministry “Wall of Sound” that fans expect.

“Houses of the Molé will be all Ministry, all the time, with a dash of sinister Southwest flavor and half the carbs,” states Ministry’s irascible front man, Al Jourgensen.

Jourgensen formed Ministry in 1981, unleashing an unprecedented musical style, combining fast, aggressive punk rock, haunting electronics, assaulting guitars and unforgiving vocals. The musical term “industrial” was created to describe Jourgensen’s new and innovative sound, which propelled an entire new genre. In 1992, Ministry recorded the now legendary Psalm 69, featuring the alt rock hits “Jesus Built My Hotrod,” “Just One Fix,” and “NWO.” Despite being as far from pop as any band could be, two of Ministry’s albums landed in Billboard Magazine’s Top 40 chart, 1992’s Psalm 69 (#27) and Filth Pig (#19). Ministry was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2000, and began to write songs for various films including Robo Cop, The Matrix and A.I. An aesthetic affinity between Director Steven Spielberg and Jourgensen inspired the director to include Ministry’s performance of “What About Us,” in A.I., and to direct the song’s accompanying video.

Regarding Ministry’s tumultuous 20-year musical career, Jourgensen notes: “Yeah, we’re half-way to 90…but we’re still driving 100 mph. Ministry is built for speed.”

Look for Ministry’s Houses of the Molé on June 22nd, 2004 (Sanctuary Records).
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