Casey Blakeney (birdinflight) wrote in 7thprojects,
Casey Blakeney

Whoops...wrong journal the first time :P

I <3 my new admin page for the Seventh Circle. It's even got a way better site tracker for traffic. The only problem is that it has nothing in ways of referrers. I might have to put something up specifically for that. Any suggestion on an invisible one that is free?? I'm so not paying for something just to find out where people are coming from.

So far this month the site has gotten 52,174 hits. Not bad considering how inactive it was for a long time there. So anyone that has been working on reviews/columns...get them done now! I'll be tossing some of the stuff I've been working on shortly as well. Since the old admin went down I lost all of my old traffic we need to kick things up a notch :P

Best ever was I think 780,000 (unique hits) in one month. But that was a really weird thing. I was giving away copies of A Perfect Circle's debut CD before it came out, and Kittie put a banner up on their main page for the interview we did with them. That was only in the 2nd month of the site being online as well (well, the magazine version that is).
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